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My Inspiration...

~  Hello & Blessings  ~
I Am Eva Marie Wright, Founder / CEO - Black Housing Matters, LLC
In recognition of community history across the USA, time and again, such history with its complexities, has undeniably revealed insurmountable feats of accomplishment from those generations before. I marvel in awe of the Ancestors who have burdened and persevered incomprehensible struggles, yet, with their bare hands, built entire neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, and nations...
"Lest We Forget!"
As I honor those before and the evolution of generations to come, we are here... Now!
Although we are not monolithic; It is our responsibility as a people to protect, take care of, and carry forward the evolutionary lineage of its species. We must not close our eyes in ignorance, shame, and disgust to the blighted conditions of oppressed communities and forgotten neighbors across the country. Dignity matters. United, we can dismantle the disgrace of housing insecurity and injustice for the prosperity of O-U-R America, and our children's tomorrow...
One Household At A Time.
I am a housing and health advocate committed to eradicating socio-economic housing and health deficits, and causal effects of systemic housing bias, oppression, distortion, and squander. The dawning of conscious emergence calls for humanity's upliftment and collective well-being, particularly in impoverished neighborhoods in the United States. 
Shelter matters, and has significant meaning to all sentient beings. With a strong willfulness, part of my contribution in this life has to do with building solid foundations, assets, and structures; continuing, sustaining, and preserving what has already been attained. This willfulness shares the qualities of the earth itself; heavy, dense, complexed, enriching, enduring, and constant.
My tenacity and soul-purpose for service, restoration, and healing, enables accomplishment through sheer dedication, perseverance, and stamina; and, can be a stabilizing-grounding force of energetic presence, and motivation for others.
Passionately dedicated to housing/health advocacy, wellness, and human services, I remain vigilant to "fight the good fight" for those less fortunate! 
 Black Housing Is Relevant
Will Always Matter ~​
Thank you for taking the time and interest in our mission!



I'm always looking for new and exciting collaborative ideas and opportunities to serve marginalized communities... Let's connect!


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