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As a Benefit Limited Liability Construction Company structured with a social and environmental mission, we are committed to positively impacting underserved communities with obtainable housing. Using resource-efficient building materials, and low-energy strategies, Black Housing Matters, LLC understand the vital responsibility of environmental protection and sustainability. In addition, we pledge our support to holistically address housing-related challenges and shortages, particularly in marginalized communities.
With a philanthropic and collaborative approach to community well-being and social enterprise, forming alliances with contractors who share the vision we are greater together, create accessible and economic housing solutions. Together, the aim is to narrow housing disparity gaps amongst vulnerable populations. 
In addition, wellness matters and socio-economic determinates of housing marginalization become further evident in community outcomes of health neglect, impairment, and disease disorders.  
With an emphasis on homeownership value proposition in low-income and moderately priced markets, promoting housing equality, stability, and economic advancement for future generations directly addresses housing insecurity, health impairment, and socio-economic disparity in underserved communities. 
Collectively, these solutions present a measurable improvement over the current condition of housing bias, displacement, and disproportionate health disorders in communities across America.
We are passionately driven by purpose, humanity upliftment and collective wellness in our communities. Together, we can achieve unlimited good!
Thank you for your interest in Black Housing Matters, LLC.
Community Empowerment, Transformation, And Change...  
One Household At A Time ~
Thank you for taking the time and interest in our mission!

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