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Developing, Building, And Restoring AffordableHousing In Underserved Communities For Economic Empowerment And Sustainability...

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Black Housing Matters, LLC - A Benefit Company​


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Eva Marie Wright
Founder - CEO

Eva Marie Wright
Founder - CEO

Black Housing Matters, LLC is a Benefit Construction Company committed to provide, uplift and transform marginalized communities with affordable, safe, and sustainable housing. 
Invested in forming industry alliances that share similar aspirations, the vision is to create housing stability, homeownership value proposition, and economic advancement for the well-being of current and future generations.  
​One of a few Minority and Woman-owned construction businesses in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tri-state region, our customers deserve the highest level of professional service, quality representation, non-discriminate advocacy, and cost-effective affordability available.
Dignity matters, and these core values are the forerunners of our mission. 
United, we can dismantle the disgrace of housing insecurity and injustice for the prosperity of O-U-R America, and our children's tomorrow...
One Household At A Time ~
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Affordable Pricing

We offer construction services and consultation at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions for underserved communities. Our expertise and commitment ensure that our services are accessible to everyone.

Customer Satisfaction

At Black Housing Matters, LLC., we take pride in offering comprehensive construction services that are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results, from custom builds to renovations. Whether you have a specific project in mind or need guidance in creating a plan of action, we are here to help.

Quality Assurance

At Black Housing Matters, LLC, we believe in the durability and longevity of our projects. That's why we offer a warranty on our construction services. We take pride in our workmanship and ensure that our clients have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

Honest and Transparent

We value honesty and transparency in all our dealings. Our team is committed to providing accurate information and honest advice to our clients. We believe in building trust and maintaining open communication throughout the construction process.

At Black Housing Matters, LLC, we are an exceptional construction company offering services for low-income and moderately priced markets.

Our company is committed to creating sustainable development goals and solutions, along with community improvement projects and initiatives for the betterment of all underserved areas across the USA.

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Smithsonian exhibition post the Civil War: "Reconstruction and Its Legacies"

USA Housing History
Our Pledge To Promote Public Good


"Building Communities One Household At A Time"

At Black Housing Matters, LLC., we are passionate about addressing the macro-economic shifts of housing insecurity.  Since the inception of the Federal Housing Administration's "National Housing Act of 1934," aka - "Better Housing Program," Black Americans have been marginalized and denied affordable housing opportunities congruent with real estate empowerment, economic gain, and generational wealth.


In the 1940's - 50's & 60's across America, The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was subsidizing construction Builders who were mass-producing entire subdivisions for White Americans, with the requirement that "none" of the homes were to be sold to Black Americans.  

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Mandated in The Underwriting Manual Of The Federal Housing Administration:  "Incompatible racial groups should not be permitted to live in the same communities," those very houses were sold to White working-class American families via FHA and VA mortgages yet, prohibited to Black Americans. In addition, the immediate re-sell of these houses sold for twice the National Median Income. Today, those same houses sell for six to eight times the National Median Income allowing White Americans the opportunity to acquire real estate wealth; send their children to college via home equities; take care of their aging and ailing parents; bequeath wealth to their children, and other acquired economic gains. "None of these advantages however, accrued to Black Americans."

Although favorable "government loan guarantees" ignited and fueled the housing boom for affordable, single-family shelter in the suburbs, these "FHA policies prohibited Black Americans from buying homes in those sub-divisions which, symbolized both the conformity of an American post-war consumer society, along with its promise of homeownership, stability, and upward mobility." Racial restrictive covenants, and protective homeowner agreements were "legal tools" of segregation, and marginalization. Governmental housing regulations and policies which, were to provide every American an equal share of the American Dream landscape, never reached working-class Black Americans in proportion.


(Today, ongoing de-valuation of housing amongst Black homeowners, and Black neighborhoods, continues!)


The FHA and banking institutions across this country, has long been known to serve a disproportionately larger number and share of minority homebuyers, particularly Black American and Hispanic buyers by means of biased appraisals (McMichael's Appraising Manual created in the 1930's) exclusionary zoning, and redlining practices. As a result, lack of opportunity due to these historic and 'systemic' constraints, including during the introduction of the suburban surge, in comparison, has resulted in the arrested development and acquisition of Black and Hispanic real estate relevance.

In summary, incentivized funding across the U.S. similar to tax subsidies of the past, is offered still today by the federal government to state and territorial governments. "State" housing agencies then award the credits to private developers of affordable rental housing projects (Developers generally sell the credits to "private investors" to obtain funding). Once the project is placed in service (in other words, made available to tenants), these investors can claim the LIHTC over 10-years. Many of these tax incentives offered to Developers and Builders require agreeing to reserve a 'fraction' of rent-restricted units, with mandatory allowance percentages, regulations and, ratios specific to certain targeted groups: IE - low-income, senior citizens, etc., via "Income and gross rent tests." One popular program is the "LIHTC" program: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit.

Such policies must be met with compliance minimums of at least 15 years or tax credits are recaptured.

Overall, socio-economic input in underserved communities improves greater financial inclusion, education, generational wealth, and a stronger economy.


Accomplishment propels progression. Practical approaches for housing security uplift communities by improving real estate relevance, collective empowerment, and sustainable value... for generations. 

"The question now is, do you mean to make good to us the promises in your constitution..." (Frederick Douglass)

When we know better, we do better. 


See The Difference, One Household At  A Time ~

Black Housing Matters... Join US!


Black Housing Matters, LLC

Eva Marie Wright

Founder - CEO


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